Ben & Jerry’s CBD ice cream

Ben & Jerry’s with cannabis

World-famous ice cream brand wants to experiment with ice cream and cannabis.

Flavours like Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Chunky Monkey are widely known among Ben & Jerry’s lovers, but now the wildly popular ice cream brand wants to add a new flavour to that: cannabis. Or well, at least a hint of cannabis oil.

Yes, you read that correctly: if things go well, you can soon sit back on your sofa with a tub of cannabis ice cream. The plan is already in place, Ben & Jerry’s just needs the green light from the American regulator.

CBD ice cream

The desired ice cream would contain cannabidiol, or CBD. This doesn’t give you a high, because that requires THC, a different substance. However, there are other effects (opinions differ on what those are), because nobody doubts that CBD is a cannabis ingredient.

Whether this ice cream will actually become a reality is not sure. It is currently forbidden to include cannabis substances in food and drink in America. But the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently reviewing that policy, partly due to the pressure put on by Ben & Jerry’s.

‘We are committed to bringing CBD-infused ice cream to your freezer as soon as it’s legalised at the federal level’, says the company that is known for its daring marketing.

If we go back in time a bit, we can see that this did not happen overnight. The founders have been wanting this for a while. In 2015, Ben Cohen, one of the founders, in an interview with HuffPost, spoke fairly casually about the idea that will still come as a surprise to many – even today, but especially back then.

‘It’s not strange to me’, said Cohen. ‘Just combine your pleasures.’

Jerry Greenfield, the other founder, added: ‘Ben and I have experience with such substances, and I think the legalisation of cannabis would be fantastic’. But in 2015, there were still major doubts. ‘It’s not my decision to make’, he said. ‘If it was, I would do it, but fortunately, we have wiser people in our company to look into such matters.’

And apparently, those wiser people also came to the conclusion that cannabis ice cream should become a reality. So now, it’s up to the legislation.

American market versus UK market

Even if we succeed in getting the ice cream onto the American market, the question remains whether we will get to enjoy it here in the UK as well. The rules on this are sensitive everywhere and differ per country. So we have to wait and see. But other large companies are also showing careful interest in the substance of CBD, including Coca-Cola and Heineken. So, to be continued – if not in your freezer, then perhaps in your refrigerator.

Water-soluble CBD

Of course, you can also make your own CBD ice cream with our water-soluble CBD, one or two sprays on your ice cream and behold… your home-made CBD ice cream. Enjoy!

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