User instructions

You have decided to use cannabis oil. But where do we go from here? There is no manual about the use of cannabis oil. This leads to a long search on the internet to find out how to use it correctly. We will save you this lengthy internet session by providing you with enough instructions about how to use cannabis oil below.

CBD oil or THC oil?

The first question that arises is: which cannabis oil should I use? Should I use CBD oil or THC oil?

We recommend that you try CBD oil first. CBD oil is legal, cheap and you cannot get high on it. If you are already getting benefits from CBD oil, that is great.

If you are not getting enough benefits from CBD oil, you could try using THC oil. THC oil is not legalised. The black market seems to be the only way of getting hold of THC oil. However, our webshop offers ways to help you to produce your own THC oil at home.


Cannabis oil is usually taken orally by placing a few drops under the tongue while looking in the mirror. Another option is to put some drops on a teaspoon to take it. The exception is in cases of ***** when capsules are preferred and for ***** for which CBD-ointment can be used.

Doses – learn how to take the correct dose

At this moment it is not possible to say which kind of cannabis oil (CBD oil or THC oil) will give you the most benefit and how many drops you should take. You will need to try this out yourself; the right dosage of both CBD oil and THC oil varies from person to person.

Recommended dose of CBD oil
Use the dropper two to three times a day to place a few drops under tongue and swallow them after about one minute. If necessary, this dose may be slowly increased on a weekly basis (as required). Daily recommended dose is approximately 30 mg CBD.

Recommended dose of THC oil
THC oil can make you high, so dosing is more sensitive than for CBD oil. Start taking 1 drop under the tongue. THC oil will start to work within about 15 minutes and its effects will last for approximately 4 to 5 hours. By finding your upper limit, you can avoid suboptimal dosing. Your upper limit is the level at which you get high. For example: if 3 drops make you high then that is your upper limit. Take two drops next time so you prevent getting high while still getting enough THC to gain maximum benefits.

Effects of CBD oil

When you start using CBD oil, you will notice that when you find the correct dose, the beneficial effects of CBD oil will also automatically come into effect. Every person is different and what works for one person may not work for someone else. Tip: vary taking the number of drops and take a number of days/weeks to assess what happens to you.

Effects of THC oil

When you start using THC oil it is important (as we have indicated previously under the heading ‘Recommended dose of THC oil’) to gradually discover your upper limit. Your upper limit is determined by your ‘tipping point’. This is the level at which you get high when you take a specific number of drops. A ‘high’ can be described as becoming lightheaded and getting a relaxed feeling all over.

It is a good idea – as is the case when taking CBD oil – that you take a number of days/weeks to assess how your body and your mind respond.

Recommended doses for CBD oil and THC oil mixture

It is possible to make your own mixture of CBD oil and THC oil. You will need to do your own experimenting to achieve the right proportions of CBD oil and THC oil in your own mixture. Take a small teaspoon and use an eyedropper to place one drop of CBD oil and one drop of THC oil on it. By repeating this process and ‘playing’ with the number of drops of CBD oil and THC oil you can achieve your own customised cannabis oil that gives you the best effect.

Storage tip

Regardless of the type of oil (CBD oil or THC oil), it should always be used at room temperature; shake it well before use and keep it in a cool and dark place. Note: cold cannabis oil does not form drops easily.

General information

Little is known about concurrent use of cannabis oil in combination with prescription drugs. Consult your doctor/pharmacist about this.

The products we offer are suitable for people who lead a vegan lifestyle, consume kosher products or who are lactose-intolerant.


Cannabis oil should be avoided during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Cannabis oil plays no role in curing diseases/disorders.

We are unable to provide information about any health claims whatsoever related to cannabis oil. If you wish to know more about the actions of cannabis oil in relation to a specific disease/condition we recommend that you do your own research on this.

Information on this website may not be regarded as a substitute for medical consultation or treatment. We are not liable for any direct or indirect damage that may arise due to the use of the information provided herein, nor for any changes, stopping of or variations made to medical treatments without medical advice.