CBD oil raw

This type of CBD oil is also called ‘raw cbd oil’ or ‘unprocessed cbd oil’. During the production of CBD oil raw no heating is used to purify the oil (which happens in the case of CBD oil ‘pure’). Read more here…

CBD oil raw

Extra information

One cannot say beforehand whether you may benefit from CBD oil ‘raw’ or CBD oil ‘pure’. The motto is: Try it out.

Which CBD percentage?
Every human being/animal will react differently to CBD oil. Our advice is as follows:

2.5% – 5%: children and pets

5% – 25%: adults

As you can see the range for adults is very wide. If you have never used CBD oil before it is best to choose CBD oil with a lower percentage (5-10%). One can always opt for oil with a higher CBD percentage later on.

CBD oil raw contains more substances
During the production process the extract is not processed any further, hence the name ‘raw’ or ‘unprocessed’ CBD oil. Therefore, more substances from the hemp plant in the extract will be conserved. Think of substances like: flavonoids, terpenes, fenoles and cannabinoids (CBG, CBN and CBC). These substances may contribute to its effect in a positive manner, however, this may vary from person to person.

The taste of CBD oil raw
‘Direct from the plant into the pipette dropper bottle’… CBD oil is less pristine than the pure CBD oil. Because more substances have been conserved the colour of CBD oil is darker and has a bitter aftertaste.

The price of CBD oil raw
You may have noticed that CBD oil raw is cheaper than CBD oil pure. This has to do with the means of production. CBD oil raw – as said before – has been less processed than pure CBD oil. This results in a lower price for CBD oil raw.

Directions for use CBD oil
Before using CBD oil you may consult the following page: CBD directions for use.

If you have any queries or need help with your choice of CBD oil please do not hesitate to contact our customer service at any time.

Overview differences between CBD oil ‘raw’ and ‘pure'

Type of CBD oil Raw Pure
CO2 extraction (cold) x
CO2 extraction (heated) x
Decarboxylated x
Non-decarboxylated x
Full-spectrum plant extract x
All cannabinoids, acid forms and terpenes x
Only cannabinoids x
Bitter taste x
Mild nutty flavour x
Ratio 1:1 CBD:CBD-A
Beautiful liquid CBD oil x x
Analyses available online x x