CBD water soluble

Water-soluble CBD is a CBD product that mixes well with water or any other beverage such as fruit juice, lemonade, coffee or tea.

Water-soluble CBD is also known as ‘water-based CBD’.

Water-soluble CBD has some important advantages over CBD oil:

  1. Better absorption into the body
  2. Less sharp taste
  3. Easier on the go

Better absorption by the body

This is by far the most important advantage of water-soluble CBD. Water-soluble CBD is much better absorbed by the human body than CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD edibles and other CBD products. This works as follows:

CBD oil less efficient

For starters, you should know that the human body consists of more than 60% water. Substances that mix well with water are therefore more easily absorbed by the body.

CBD as found in CBD oil, CBD capsules and CBD edibles is a hydrophobic compound. Hydrophobic means that a substance is difficult to mix with water. As a result, this CBD is not absorbed by the body as well.

The reason this form of CBD is difficult to mix with water is because the CBD present actually consists of CBD clusters. This means large amounts of CBD molecules are clustered together.

You can compare it to a candy ball. You have to suck for a very long time before the magic ball is completely dissolved in your mouth.

On top of that, the mixing agent of CBD oil (often hemp seed oil) is not so easy to mix with water. After all, it is common knowledge that oil is water-repellent.

Through this combination of a hydrophobic substance (CBD) and hydrophobic mixing agent (vegetable oil), approximately 90% of the present CBD leaves the body through stools.

Water-soluble CBD is efficient

With water-soluble CBD, it works differently. In the production of water-soluble CBD, nanotechnology is used to break CBD clusters into smaller units of up to approximately 100 nanometres per lump. That’s 0.0001 millimetre.

These smaller units are much more soluble in water. You can again compare it to a candy ball. If you bite to crush a candy ball in your mouth, it will dissolve in your saliva much faster.

Because water-soluble CBD dissolves more easily in water, the body can also absorb this form of CBD much more easily. Much less CBD leaves from the body through stools.

In other words: water-soluble CBD is much more efficient than other CBD products.

Less sharp taste

Many people find the taste of CBD oil unpleasant. Some people think the taste of CBD oil is reminiscent of the smell of grass. In addition, CBD oil can feel sharp in the throat.

However, you can take water-based CBD by first mixing it with a drink of your choice. If you mix water-soluble CBD with orange juice, for example, you won’t notice the bitter taste anymore. Also, you won’t experience a burning sensation in the throat.

This ability to mix with drinks makes the intake of water-soluble CBD a much more pleasant experience than dripping CBD oil.

Easier on the go

Taking CBD oil is actually quite a hassle. That can be especially annoying when you’re travelling. Suppose you want to drip while on the train, and then suddenly, the train changes tracks. It can mess up the drip quite a bit.

Not to mention the curious glances of fellow passengers. And dripping behind the wheel of a car is of course not possible at all.

It is much easier to use water-soluble CBD. Before you leave, mix the right amount of water-soluble CBD in a bottle of water or fruit juice. Simply stir it around and you’re ready for the trip.

Water-soluble CBDTaking water-soluble CBD

CBD is only active in the body for a limited period of time. Therefore, you should take water-soluble CBD twice a day. For a good spread it is best to do one intake in the morning and one intake in the evening.

Water-based CBD is sold in bottles with a spray. As said, water-soluble CBD is absorbed much better by the body than CBD oil. That’s why one spray per moment of intake is all you need.

You simply put one spray in a drink of your choice. This can be water, fruit juice, lemonade, milk or whatever you prefer.

When your body is used to the CBD, you can increase the dose up to 3 or 4 sprays per day.

Get more than what you pay for

A bottle of water-soluble CBD with the same amount of CBD is more expensive than a bottle of CBD oil Pure or CBD oil RAW. We are not afraid to admit that.

However, because water-based CBD is better absorbed by the body, you get much more value for your money. So if you look at the amount of CBD absorbed by the body, water-soluble CBD is ultimately less expensive.

Is water-soluble CBD the future?

The answer to this question is: probably, but that may take some time. We will explain below.

Water-soluble CBD is so much better absorbed by the body that this product is preferable to CBD oil for that reason alone. If you look at the actual CBD absorbed by the body, this is also the most economical choice. So common sense dictates that you should prefer water-soluble CBD to CBD oil.

The main reason why more CBD oil is currently being sold is a historical one. ‘CBD oil’ has simply existed longer than ‘water-soluble CBD’. And people usually prefer to choose what they already know.

An existing user will therefore first have to be convinced to try water-soluble CBD, but that is not easy. Try telling a Pepsi drinker that Coca Cola is really better. It won’t matter much.

But when it comes to new users of CBD products, there’s a different issue. If you have never used a CBD product before and you start comparing prices, you will soon discover that the price for a bottle of water-soluble CBD is higher than a bottle of CBD oil with the same amount of CBD. As a result, water-soluble CBD seems more expensive, but as we already explained in the previous paragraph, appearances can be deceiving.

In summary, because of its demonstrably better absorption of the CBD by the body, we can conclude that water-soluble CBD really is the future. It will, however, take some time before this awareness has permeated all users of CBD products.