CBD patches

The principle of CBD patches is comparable with that of a nicotine patch. You stick the plaster onto your body. The CBD is gradually absorbed by the skin. The bloodstream will disperse the CBD across the body.

Advantages of CBD patches

The use of CBD patches has several important advantages in comparison with CBD oil: even absorption, little loss of CBD, targeted effect, no nasty flavour and easy to use.

Below, we will discuss these different advantages more in detail.

-Even absorption-

When you take CBD oil, you will receive a certain quantity of CBD all at once. After a number of hours, the CBD will already have worn off and you will need to take CBD oil again.

The CBD patch works differently. Using a CBD patch, the CBD is slowly taken up by the body. Our patches exude CBD over a 24 hour period. You will thus benefit from CBD in your body all that time.

-Little loss of CBD-

If you take CBD oil or CBD capsules, the CBD is taken up via the stomach. However, not all CBD is taken up. Part of it will leave the body via urine and faeces.

Using CBD oil, around 40% to 50% of the Cannabidiol (CBD) is actually taken up by the body. For a CBD patch, this percentage is between 90% and 95%.

-Targeted effect-

If you take CBD oil, then the CBD disperses across the entire body. If you want the CBD to be effective at a specific location in the body, then basically CBD patches are more effective.

-No nasty flavour-

Many people find the flavour of CBD oil rather bitter. In addition, CBD oil can be somewhat irritative for the throat. The latter can be solved by taking a glass of water, or by choosing water soluble CBD.

Since CBD patches are not taken orally, these problems will not occur at all.

-Easy to use-

Taking CBD oil could be laborious to some extent. You must keep the CBD oil cool, but a low temperature may make some of the CBD oils rather viscous. That is why it must be taken out of the fridge some 15 minutes before consumption. Additionally, you must take CBD oil several times per day, because the effect of the CBD oil will have vanished after a few hours.

Wouldn’t it be much simpler to use CBD patches: you stick a CBD patch on one or more positions on your body and you are ready for the next 24 hours. It couldn’t be easier really.

Focus areas when using the CBD patch

You cannot shower, bathe or swim when wearing the patches. The water will flush the CBD out of the patch, after which the CBD patch is no longer effective.

Apply the CBD patch to a dry, undamaged, clean spot that has few or no hairs. We prefer the side of the chest, shoulder blades and the inside of the upper arms. Avoid spots on the body that frequently rub against clothing.

Does your skin feel greasy? Then first clean the skin using water and soap. Subsequently dry the skin thoroughly. Firmly press the patch for some 10 seconds after sticking it onto your body.

A new patch must be applied to another part of the skin. Only after a few days you can use the same piece of skin. This will prevent irritation.

The patch can be cut into, for instance, two, three or four pieces.

We, ourselves, do not use more than two full CBD patches per 24 hours.

Additional valuable substances

The CBD patches sold by us, do not only contain CBD, but also other active substances, such as CBDA, CBGA and CBN. You will benefit also from these less familiar substances.

In addition, the CBD patches contain a negligible quantity of THC. This quantity of THC is so tiny that it is impossible that it gets you high.

CBD patches are completely legal. This is because the concentration of THC in our patches is less than 0.05%. Legally, a THC percentage of 0.2% is permitted.

Want to know more about the CBD patch?

Would you like to know more about the CBD patch, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you.