CBN oil

Cannabis oil with the main ingredient CBN is known as CBN oil. This form of cannabis is much less familiar than CBD oil or THC oil. Wrongly so.

Wat is CBN?

CBN stands for Cannabinol. The chemical formula is C21H26O2.

CBN is a cannabinoid. This means that CBN influences the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS in turn influences other systems like the brain, the nerve system, perception of pain and the immune system.

There is more though. The presence of CBN influences the effect of other cannabinoids present, like CBD. This is known as the entourage-effect. In this case, CBN oil will reinforce the effect of CBD oil.

The entourage-effect does not imply that a cannabinoid will suddenly show a totally different effect due to the presence of a different cannabinoid. It is more a matter of degree:

The presence of substance A ensures substance B to have a greater or lesser effect in the body.

Effect of CBN oil?

Well-known cannabinoids like CBD and THC have been studied before. Therefore, many of the effects of these substances are known.

CBN however is a much less well-known cannabinoid. The scientific interest for this substance is yet to gather momentum.

What we do know is that CBN is a lightly psychoactive substance. The effect is much more limited though than that of THC. Therefore, rest assured: CBN oil will by no means make you high.

The lightly psychoactive property of CBN does suggest however that this substance does influence the brain to some extent. Does this mean that CBN oil could, for instance, help to get a good night’s rest?

It may, but then again, we are not a medical website. We can therefore not make such claims. Via Google, you can find a lot of information yourself about the effects of CBN.

How is CBN oil being made?

The production process of CBN oil is largely similar to that of other forms of cannabis oil. The major difference is the type of cannabis used. We will explain this here.

Regarding CBD oil, commonly industrial hemp is used, because it contains a relatively high proportion of CBD. For THC oil, coffeeshop cannabis is used. However, both of these forms of cannabis contain little CBN. That is why cannabis, specifically grown for this purpose, is used for CBN oil.

Specifically grown CBN-cannabis

The fact that specifically grown cannabis is required, is due to the chemical processes taking place inside cannabis while it grows.

A young cannabis plant contains a lot of CBGA. As the plant grows, CBGA is converted into different other substances:

  • CBG
  • CBDA
  • THCA
  • CBCA

The A at the end of each abbreviation stands for acid. These acids in the cannabis plant, in turn, are converted into other substances:

  • CBDA becomes CBD
  • THCA becomes THC
  • CBCA becomes CBC

However, in the right circumstances, these acids can also be converted into CBN. One can, for instance, make cannabis with a relatively high proportion of CBN. This cannabis is subsequently used for the production of CBN oil.

More information

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