Stoned through the use of CBD oil or THC oil?

You cannot get stoned by usingour CBD products (for instance: CBD oil). You can get stoned from THC oil.

CBD oil and getting stoned?

You cannot get stoned by using our CBD products (for instance: CBD oil Pure or CBD oil Raw). The CBD products in specialised CBD web shops all contain the maximum legal quantity of THC and are therefore tolerated throughout Europe. THC is the substance that can cause a stoned/high feeling. The maximum allowable amount of THC in CBD products is 0.2%. This percentage is so low that it cannot make you high. This means CBD is an ideal solution for people who are not allowed to or do not want to get stoned (such as children).

THC oil and getting stoned?

THC oil, unlike CBD oil, does contain a large amount of THC, which can give you a high/stoned feeling. If you take THC oil through your mouth, it works within 5-15 minutes and lasts for 3-5 hours. So the feeling goes away after 3-5 hours. If the feeling is uncomfortable (e.g. dizziness), you can choose to take some CBD oil. CBD reduces the feeling.

Note: it is not the same feeling as when you smoke weed, because an excess of THC oil can make you feel a bit drowsy/tired. The feeling you get from smoking can be much more intense.

You can let go of the fear of the feeling of becoming stoned/high, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Once you are no longer afraid of the feeling, you can find your upper limit (how many drops makes you feel high) and then make sure you stay just below that limit. This allows you to achieve maximum results, because you will not achieve enough by underdosing.