Dutch Hemp CBD-patches (450 mg CBD)


30 Dutch Hemp CBD patches, one months’ supply.

15 mg CBD per patch. Look here for CBD patches test report.

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Dutch Hemp CBD-patches (450 mg CBD)

This monthly package contains 30 CBD patches. Stick one plaster on your skin every 24 hours.

Transdermal slow (24 hours) release of 15 mg CBD per plaster.

Let CBD work for you while you sleep! The CBD plaster is a practical product and is convenient if you want continuous release of cannabidiol (CBD). This is an effective solution to supplement your CBD needs the entire day and night!

The CBD plaster must be applied directly to your skin.

The patches are:

*guaranteed quality

Why should you use CBD patches?

Transdermal CBD patches are designed for continuous release of cannabidiol in the bloodstream, via the skin.

CBD patches use a similar technology as nicotine patches and morphine patches. The difference is that these patches only contain CBD = one of the best cannabinoids to optimise and support our welfare.

The CBD plaster is an easy way to consistently consume CBD throughout the day and night. This is a great product for anyone who is not a fan of the taste of CBD drops, or wants to ensure an even intake of this cannabinoid while sleeping.

High bio-availability

Another important benefit of Dutch Hemp CBD-patches is the high bio-availability. Bio-availability is the degree to which a substance you ingest is absorbed by your body.

Dutch Hemp CBD patches have a very high bio-availability that lies between 90% and 95%. This means that your body absorbs more than ninety percent of the CBD.

Dutch Hemp is able to achieve this high percentage by first processing the CBD extract further. Dutch Hemp breaks the CBD extract down to CBD molecules. Since it is smaller, it is easier for these loose CBD molecules to enter the skin. It is also absorbed easier by your blood circulation.

The 90% to 95% bio-availability with Dutch Hemp CBD patch is much higher than the bio-availability with CBD oil. This lies between 40% and 50%. This means that with CBD oil, the CBD present in the body is mostly excreted from the body via the stool.

With oral consumption (via the mouth) there is a First-Pass-Effect, in other words, the CBD oil is partially broken down via the stomach/stomach wall or liver. This is not the case with CBD patches.

How must this be used?

Apply these patches transdermally to your skin. We recommend that you first wash the spot with water to ensure that the skin is clean and that there is no oil or cream left on the skin.

You can apply the patch to a spot where you want to make sure that the CBD does its work. Or you can apply the patch to a spot with good blood supply below the skin surface. The inner arm, wrists, ankles, upper arms, shoulders and the back of your neck are the best spots.

How long does it take before it works?

The CBD enters the bloodstream within minutes and it can take 10 – 30 minutes for these effects to be noticed.

Some individuals notice a difference, while others do not notice any change. Either way, the CBD will enter your system and you will still experience the support that cannabinoids can provide our immune system.

Safe keeping

Keep the CBD patches in a closed package and out of direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.