Dutch Hemp CBD oil for cats – 10 ml – 2% – 200 mg CBD


Is your cat struggling with physical discomfort, or do you want to use CBD for your cat preventively? Dutch Hemp has developed a 2% CBD oil especially for cats. Of course, it is 100% safe and reliable. Does not contain THC or terpenes.

Brand: Dutch Hemp
CBD percentage: 2%
Contents: 10 ml
Number of drops: ± 200-250
Total milligram CBD: 200 mg
CBD per drop: 1 mg
Diluted with: hemp seed oil + salmon oil

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Dutch Hemp – safe CBD for cats!

Dutch Hemp is a much appreciated brand in the world of CBD. They have developed this 2% CBD oil that is specially designed for cats. The main purpose of using CBD is to prevent physical discomfort in your cat. Of course, the CBD oil can also be used preventively.

Everything is done to keep the products natural. So with healthy substances, vitamins, without unnecessary ingredients that can be found in other products.

Ingredients that make it tasty for the cat have also been added to the products. In this case, salmon oil. This is to prevent the cat from not wanting the CBD at all, as CBD itself has a rather bitter taste.

Dutch Hemp products should be a treat as well as a healthy (and safe!) food for your cat. So you can give it to your cat with confidence.

The characteristics of this 2% CBD oil for cats from Dutch Hemp are:

√ Low CBD percentage (2%)
√ Suitable for both large and small cats
√ Pleasant taste due to the added fish oil
√ This product cannot make your cat high/stoned
√ Total of at least 200 mg CBD
√ Contains approximately 200-240 drops
√ Approximately 1 mg CBD per drop
√ Does not contain THC
√ Diluted with high-quality salmon oil
√ Legal in Europe
√ No side effects
√ Dosage: as required – max. 2-3 drops – 2/3 times a day

Why CBD for cats?

Cats are sensitive creatures. They react quickly and easily to the circumstances, and that can sometimes cause stress. If this happens regularly, or if a cat is remarkably sensitive, this can lead to problems. Not just emotionally, but also physically, as the two are of course connected.

CBD offers a solution for this. This substance feeds the endocannabinoid system. This is a system in mammals that is meant to counteract the aforementioned problems. CBD serves as a helping hand for this. And in a natural way. You can see it as a bonus for the system to prevent certain physical inconveniences.

What percentage of CBD oil for your cat?

In our web shop, we sell this 2% CBD oil and a 4% CBD oil for cats.

We recommend 2% CBD oil for cats weighing up to 2 kg.

For cats weighing more than 2 kg, you can opt for the 4% CBD oil.

How do you give the Dutch Hemp 2% CBD oil to your cat?

Drip this CBD oil directly into the cat’s mouth or onto the cat food/a cat snack.