CBD oil RAW – Dutch Hemp – 30 ml – 5% – 1500 mg CBD


Brand: Dutch Hemp
Percentage CBD: 5%
Content: 30 ml
Number of droplets: ± 750
Total milligrams CBD: 1500 mg
CBD per droplet: 2 mg
Type of oil: RAW (Full Spectrum CBD oil)
Advantage: multiple cannabinoids present
Flavour: nutty
Diluted with: hemp seed oil
Suitable for: children and adults

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Dutch Hemp

Using CBD to improve the lives of people – that is the main aim of the Dutch company Dutch Hemp.

Below, we have listed why the products of Dutch Hemp are so good and so cheap. From the quality and the production process up to specific information, such as the most sensible dosing – everything will be discussed.

The quality of the Dutch Hemp products is excellent, but obviously there is a lot more to tell about the CBD-products of Dutch Hemp.

What you should know about this Dutch Hemp CBD-oil Full Spectrum (RAW) 5% – 30 ml:

  • The recommended dosing is 2 to 8 droplets per intake (3 times a day)
  • The cannabis used for this oil, is grown organically
  • The production process never uses pesticides, fertiliser or genetically modified organisms
  • The oil has been diluted with first class hemp seeds oil (cold-pressed)
  • Fully legal in Europe
  • For anyone who is interested: it is possible to request these CBD-oil quality reports from us

Top quality of Dutch Hemp at a competitive price

Users of Dutch Hemp-products often wonder how the products can be so cheap; after all they are of excellent quality.

The answer is rather simple: Dutch Hemp doesn’t involve itself in major marketing campaigns which cost an awful lot of money. Also savings are applied to packaging – no unnecessarily expensive materials. And the third reason is what we call the lack of intermediaries, as they are known. What we mean is that Dutch Hemp simply purchases everything directly.

That is the summary of the three ways in which Dutch Hemp trades smartly to keep prices low. Everything is being done to supply the same quality as offered by other top companies, but at a lower price than the average CBD-user is used to.

The production process

Dutch Hemp attaches a lot of value to the expertise of the people cooperating in the production process. From the industrial processors to scientists and solicitors: Dutch Hemp closely monitors everything, wishes to stay in close contact with all parties and chooses to work only with the best experts.

Also the latest requirements must always be complied with when it comes to, for instance, hygiene and safety.

One hundred percent organic

All Dutch Hemp products are developed entirely organically. We choose a sustainable approach every time. Dutch Hemp deems it very important to save as much energy as possible – the environment is always taken into account. Genetic modification is out of the question.

The proofs of quality

It is for a reason that we claim that Dutch Hemp offers top quality. There is ample proof of this. As it is, Dutch Hemp wishes to be transparent, and issues analysis reports that describe the results of the research. This shows the greatness of the quality.

All batches are studied once again in independent laboratories, where checks take place on the quantities of CBD and THC, which should obviously be exactly right.

What exactly does CBD do to your body?

CBD is a substance that derives from the cannabis plant. The full term is cannabidiol. This substance is one of the approximately 130 cannabinoids that this plant contains.

The human body also produces cannabinoids, called endocannabinoid. Therefore, the process in the body is known as the endocannabinoid system. This system balances your body in many different ways, for instance in terms of appetite and mood.

The CBD from the cannabis plant contributes to this system. So, it is like a bonus to support your own endocannabinoid system. In short, this is how CBD works, serving also as an explanation why CBD is so popular.

What is Full Spectrum (a.k.a.: RAW) CBD-oil?

Full Spectrum CBD-oil and RAW CBD-oil are two different names for the same product. This oil is produced by means of cold extraction, hence the name RAW.

There are many advantages to this cold extraction, which makes this oil so popular. The main advantage is that the active substances are retained also after the extraction. Examples of those active substances are: CBD (obviously), CBG, CBC and CBN, but also terpenes, phenols and pigments.

A little bit of THC

And: Full Spectrum CBD-oil contains THC. But rest assured, it is just a tiny bit. The legally permissible quantity is 0.2% maximum, so it will at no time be more than this. This is such a tiny quantity that it will never make you high or stoned. So, that is nothing to worry about. On the other hand, you will indeed be able to enjoy the ‘entourage effect’, induced by that little bit of THC.

The entourage effect is a strengthening affect, created when all these substances become active simultaneously. Together they are much more effective than had they been taken separately. And that is what makes Full Spectrum CBD-oil so powerful.

Full Spectrum and Pure; the differences

As explained above, Full Spectrum is a combination of CBD, with all the important active substances in addition – including a little bit of THC.

CBD-oil Pure, as the name suggests, contains CBD only, without any other substances.

How to use it

The CBD-oil of Dutch Hemp is quite easy to use. It goes as follows. First you briefly shake the vial. Then you open the vial and place the droplets under the tongue.

You can also, if preferred, administer the droplets on a spoon and then take them in. In any case, the droplets should remain in your mouth for a minute. Afterwards, you can swallow them, simply with a few sips of water.


The quantity of CBD-oil to be taken in is not so easy to establish. This depends on the effect you wish for, and who the user is. We therefore recommend to always start with small quantities and subsequently gradually increase them.

You could start, for instance, with 10 mg, three times per day. In the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. Or you could take 15 mg twice, should that be more convenient. And then it is important to carefully observe your body and mind, so you can establish the exact effect of the CBD-oil.

If the desired effect is not achieved, you can increase the dose after a week. We state a week, because your body and mind need time to familiarise with the CBD. Only after this period of time you can state for certain what the effect is.

Storage advice

It would be wise to place the CBD-oil in a cool and dark place. A kitchen cupboard would be great, for instance. As long as the vial does not come in contact with sunlight too much.

When you use the vial, it is sensible to check whether you properly closed it before you put it back. If tightening the pipette is difficult, you can turn it to close it and then hold it for five seconds. This will release the air underneath the pipette, after which it will remain in place.

Keep the vial clean by all means. This applies to the screw thread of the vial in particular. This is to prevent it from leaking.

After opening the vial for the first time, the oil can be kept for about a year.

Want to know more?

The government imposes strict codes of conduct upon us in terms of CBD. We can, as such, not make any statements about the medicinal functioning of CBD, in relation to certain infirmities or ailments.

Would you like to know more about CBD oil Full Spectrum, then contact us. We will happily answer your questions to the best of our ability.