CBD oil Pure – Medihemp – 10 ml – 5%


Brand: Medihemp
Percentage CBD: 5%
Content: 10 ml
Number of droplets: ± 250
Total milligrams CBD: 500 mg
CBD per droplet: 2 mg
Type of oil: Pure
Advantage: 0.00% THC
Flavour: nutty
Diluted with: hemp seed oil
Suitable for: children and adults
Value pack: Find the vial with 30 ml content here.

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Sisters Andrea Bamacher and Elke Mortiz are the founders of the Austrian company Medihemp. Their mission is: to develop natural products that are good for the body and spirit and help us to live a healthy life.

The basic elements of their business operation are: strict quality control, a perfect production process, transparency and an in-house research centre: the Research & Development (R&D) Department.

Strict quality control

A good quality CBD oil starts with the soil in which the CBD seeds are planted. It is imperative that this soil does not contain any pollution, such as herbicides, pesticides (substances that kill undesired organisms) and other chemicals. Only then CBD plants can be grown in an organic and sustainable way.

Medihemp has 200 hectares of fertile soil, meeting the strictest requirements, around the beautiful Lake Neusiedler, in the western part of Austria. This soil is where the cultivation of the EU-certified organic hemp plants is taking place. These hemp plants were selected specifically for the utterly favourable proportion of cannabinoids that they contain, which is the highest possible percentage of CBD and the lowest possible percentage of THC.

CBD oil MedihempThey monitor the soil and CBD plants by means of stringent quality controls, soil samples and several analyses. In addition, the following monitoring organisations are watching during the production process:

-Austria Bio Guarantee (AT-BIO-301)
-Austrian Agency for Food Safety
-European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

Thus, you can be assured that Medihemp CBD oil Pure 5% – 10 ml is indeed a superb quality organic product.


The exact number of droplets you need to take can be determined through trial and error. As a matter of fact, this varies per person. In our opinion, it would be wise to start by taking 1 to 3 droplets per day. After taking them, you can monitor the effect on your body and spirit on a daily basis.

Do you experience little effect or even none at all? Then you can increase the number of droplets after several days. But always do this gradually: increase the number of droplets day by day.

Perfect production process

Every day, local organic hemp farmers look after the CBD plants, in a way that would make Mother Nature proud.

The CBD plants with the highest potential for further processing are selected manually by the farmers. Their diligent work, attention and love for the hemp plant ensure that the CBD plants will need nothing but the force of nature and a little water to reach full growth.

After the farmers harvested the plants, Medihemp will proceed with the production process. We can state here that each and every part of the plant is being used.

The hemp leaves and hemp flowers are made into CBD products and CBD tea.

Foodstuffs (e.g. hemp seed oil) are made of the hemp seeds.

All relevant substances are extracted from the leaves and flowers by means of a sophisticated extraction system. The result is an amazing, rough extract. The end product is created after diluting the extract by use of organic certified hemp seed oil or olive oil: CBD oil, capsules and other CBD products by Medihemp.


‘Quality’ and ‘organic’ are the key words for Medihemp. During the production process absolutely nothing is added that is not imperative. Specific substances that do not contain added value for the human body, are removed with the utmost care. That is why Medihemp products will never contain any chemical additions or alcohol solutions.

We would like to stress here once again: all Medihemp products are permitted to bear the AT-BIO-301 label and are being supervised by the Austrian Agency for Food Safety (AGES) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

In order to guarantee the product safety and to be able to supply the highest possible CBD quality, each batch is subject to different tests and analyses (both internally and externally). Obviously, the test results will be available for you.

Research centre: research and development

The principle of Medihemp is: to supply CBD products with the highest possible quality, to add to a balanced life-style. As a result, they are always committed to innovate to enhance the bioavailability of the cannabis extracts.

Incidentally, bioavailability also stands for the degree in which a human or animal body is able to take up the CBD. The higher the bioavailability of a product, the better it is taken up by the body. Continuous research is essential in order to reach the highest possible bioavailability. For that reason, Medihemp invests a lot of money, time and effort in the research and development of hemp products. This way, they will stay informed about the technological hemp developments, while it enables them to make immediate adjustments in the production process, when necessary.

Note: in addition to the own insights gained through research, Medihemp also closely cooperates with ICANNA. ICANNA (established in Slovenia) stands for: International Institute for Cannabinoids.

The immediate result of all the efforts is that, in 2017, they were the first to manage to produce an organic CBG-oil (Cannabigerol-extract) of an exceptionally high quality. Knowing Medihemp, this won’t be the last development. They will remain fully dedicated to make optimal use of the exceptional strength of CBD, THC and other cannabinoids.