Cannolator – making THC oil has never been so easy with the cannolator! The cannolator is an extractor that makes the production of pure cannabis oil simple and reliable. Use 120 ml of potable alcohol (96%) to 20 grams of cannabis (leaves) to produce 2 grams of pure cannabis oil in two hours. Save 50% of alcohol compared to soaking. This is not only much cheaper but it also saves half of the time required.

Making cannabis oil production easy is possible with the cannolator. This set is designed by Wernard Bruining (founder of Stichting Mediwiet). Together with his team, Wernard has also put a nice range of CBD products on the market. CBD products available from Stichting Mediwiet are also for sale through our webshop.

*one standard cannolator
*two shockproof and heat resistant borosilicate glass extraction tubes
*measuring glass 250 ml
*three 10 cc pipette bottles
*extra-long cleaning brush
*customised cleaning pen to empty the extraction tubes
*thermometer to check the temperature
*folder with instructions

To be purchased extras:
*Measuring glass warmer – Alecto
*96% potable alcohol

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